Karen Houdesheldt:

My New Year’s goal was to finally heal/recover from a hysterectomy. I still lacked lifting capabilities. I started working on exercise therapy with Cassandra. She not only helped me realize that the original doctor gave me the wrong rehab exercises, which caused continuous injuries, but also helped me realize that other previous injuries were partially caused by problems with my equilibrium. Other previous injuries and present include a broken foot. I ended up having major foot surgery 1 plate, 9 screws, and 2 joint fusions. I was in 3 boots and 4 casts in a period of 9 months total, but continued to train the rest of my body, with Cassandra, while still wearing the boot. We discovered several issues including, my lack of basic breathing, lung expansion, to my equilibrium and eye coordination functions were very much out of whack. She has brought to my attention, things no doctor has even noticed or addressed. Cassandra’s knowledge is more surpassed and valuable than I can explain in a short Thank You letter!!! She has taught me special drills and even created a personal itemized chart for me to follow so I may continue my rehab when I leave for NV. I am a retired plumbing specialist who has multiple customer service awards and had my own businesses as well and I will say Cassandra is a vital heart beat to your local community. She definitely makes a difference in the world of wellness and of loving yourself. Thank you again God Bless, Blessings and Prayers.

Sondra Forkner:

I want to express my gratitude to Cassandra, for the past couple of years' training with her and how much she has helped and taught me. When I met Cassandra I could hardly walk, was in a lot of pain and could not lift weights or do squats or stand on one leg with my eyes closed; not to mention I was 25 pounds heavier! Look at me now, weighing in at 120 and for a 65-year-young, approaching "buff"! I am truly amazed with the techniques she employed and her knowledge base. The passion she shares and invokes about the body and its potential is inspiring. I look forward to a long, healthy, strong and wonderful training future with Cassandra.

Emma Steed:

I was not the most flexible or fit person to begin with, but I’ve been a student of martial arts for many years. A year after a back injury and resulting surgery, I was forced to modify my activity to match my newly-limited range of motion. Bending over I could only get my hands to fall just below my knees. I felt there had to be hope for improvement. I came to Cassandra with plenty of motivation, but I secretly worried about getting pushed too hard. Maybe I’ve seen too much bad tv, but I imagined a personal trainer’s job was to drive the client to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. Instead, she educated me on how bodies work in general (like, why does my neck tense up when I do a bicep curl?) and she took the time to find out what works for me, specifically. She created customized training plans that are both fun and challenging. Surprisingly, the two most common things I would hear her say is “Relax!” and “Breathe!” and I don’t know about anyone else, but those are two of my favorite things. Instead of feeling drained at the end of every session, I’d feel fired up and confident. Almost 2 years later, I’m 15 lbs down, stronger than I’ve ever been (I have a core!) and I can lay my hands flat on the floor when I bend over. I have flexibility, balance and stamina. And I’ve enjoyed every minute of the journey. I really can’t put into words all the unusual, unexpected methods Cassandra used - she is the master of the body hack. When I couldn’t perform an exercise properly at first, she’d suggest these small, seemingly unrelated drills beforehand - a stretch, a visual exercise, and, like magic, I could nail it. It has honestly changed my perception of what I am capable of. Simply put, Cassandra’s patience, encouragement and expert instruction has had an immeasurable impact on my life. <3